Ackobom handicraft workshop


Ackobom products are not standard factory-made products, but are carefully handcrafted by master craftsmen to create unique shapes, colors, and textures that cannot be achieved by machine manufacturing

UPS free shipping

Free UPS shipping worldwide (except remote areas).After placing the order, it will be handmade according to the production time. The handmade production cycle is 3-5 days.

High-quality materials

Ackobom prosthetics are made from the highest quality medical grade liquid silicone.



The LE02 ftm prosthesis is a 2-in-1 product Packer, Play
The LE02 prosthesis will become an extension of your body with a detailed crease and large scrotum. The liquid silicone packer is so soft to the touch that it feels like touching your own skin, and the movable ball is realistic to the touch and realistic to use.



Ackobom LX17 ftm stp is a 2-in-1 product.
AOMUO: The prosthesis is made of the highest quality medical grade liquid silicone, you can rest assured that.It is very soft and elastic feels like our skin.

I purchased the LEO2 with the moveable skin as well as testicles. when I received it I was ecstatic, it looks just like the pictures and is very good quality.. it also arrived very fast. I use it to pack everyday and it has held up ok. I’ve experienced a bit of ripping on the back side of the prosthetic just from my day to day wear. However, this company and their customer service has been very helpful, they helped me find a fix to save my prosthetic and it’s good as new. I would note that if you get the moveable skin and testicles, it may be a bit more delicate. Overall I was impressed and would recommend products from this company to others!


Very good packaging: box, bag, sachet) The color of the product is the same as in the picture. The material is very good. It feels quite comfortable. Thanks to the seller. The goods have not been shipped for a long time, but I turned a blind eye. After all, they are celebrating New Year in China)



Our goal is to make cost-effective prosthetics