Ackobom STORY

ACKOBOM Studio Team

Our goal is to make cost-effective ftm stp packer
Each of our products is designed and manufactured independently, we are a Chinese studio.
Our original intention is to make cost-effective ftm packer limbs to enhance our friends' self-confidence and pride.
We are a group of people who love life, advocate freedom and are full of energy.
Our sculptor has more than 30 years of experience in sculpting.
Our designers have been practicing in the field of painting for many years.
Before joining our team, our master craftsman worked in a factory, but his inner turmoil and desire for freedom made him join us.
We want to present quality products to our friends, so we pay close attention to the choice of materials.
Our master colorist worked at the Academy of Fine Arts for many years before joining the team, and has a very keen sense of color, and we have received a lot of feedback that they really like our colors, which feel very real and textured.
ACKOBOM has been around for 8 years since we were founded in 2015, and we believe this is just the beginning, we will continue to work hard to make better products for everyone to enjoy!


ACKOBOM:means friend, we will treat our customers as friends with respect and sincerity!
ACKOBOM's logo is a cute penguin.
Resilience and adaptability: living in extreme environments, with excellent adaptability and resilience to survive.
Freedom and adventure: Despite living in the cold Antarctic region, they show grace and freedom when swimming in the water.
Cute and childlike: Animals that are often considered to be cute and
ackobom; means friend, we will treat our customers with respect and sincerity as friends.
We hope that our friends will not be afraid to take risks in life, bravely pursue the freedom they aspire to, be resilient when encountering difficulties, keep a cute and childish heart in life, and become an interesting person.